It’s not rocket science but there are several pointers to remember to rock out your barong tagalog in style.

Wearing a barong tagalog to a formal event exudes a different kind of sophistication, which is why many still choose to clad themselves with this traditional Filipino attire today.  

The bernardo jacket men's has been around since the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, being the preferred mode of formal wear for Filipino men back in the day.  With its lightweight woven fabric and signature embroidery, the apparel was a perfect fit during hallmark occasions, especially with the tropical climate. 

As it continues to be worn today, there are some, however, who might feel intimidated by the intricacy of the proper way to wear a barong tagalog.  Well, the good news is that it’s actually not as complicated as you might think.  Read on to find out 5 proven techniques to wearing the barong for men seamlessly and stylishly.  

5 Tips To Wear Your Barong Tagalog Properly

Choose The Right Undershirt 

As we’ve mentioned above, a barong is an exterior formal wear, so having the right undershirt to complete the look is very important.  In the Philippines, a camisa de chino is what’s usually worn underneath the barong for men and the long-sleeved camisa de chino is also preferred over the short-sleeved one, to keep uniformity with the barong tagalog.  And while modern styles are more fluid now, it’s still best to wear a neutral-colored undershirt like white or gray so as not to overpower the barong itself.     

Consider Your Pants And Shoes

The rule above also applies to the pants and shoes you’ll pair up with your barong tagalog.  Regardless of the color and design of your apparel, neutral colors like black, brown, or even navy, will work best for your trousers.  As for your shoes, something we found that really helps is to wear similar-colored socks to your trousers, especially if your trousers cut off right above the ankle.  

Fit Is It

Like any other formal wear, a barong should cross the threshold of not too loose and not too fit, but it really all depends on your build to begin with.  Always remember that a barong is an outer wear, so make sure that when you initially try it on, you will be using it with one or two more layers underneath.  A general rule of thumb (no pun intended) is that you can still fit a finger comfortably between your neck and the barong’s collar.  Likewise, it’s ideal that the apparel will cover your butt all the way, and its sleeves will sit right atop your wrists.  

Your Confidence Is Your Best Accessory 

Finally, as with everything else you may wear, it’s your own self-confidence that will really rock your outfit.  If you’ve taken careful steps to apply the 4 other tips in this guide, then we can assure you that you’ll knock this fifth tip right out of the ballpark. 

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Pro Tip: Button Up & Ditch The Boutonnière 

Unlike other formal wear like the 3-piece suit or trench coat, a barong tagalog is meant to be fully buttoned up.  There’s nothing more unsettling than seeing a barong tagalog that’s not completely fastened.  And while you’re at it, don’t attach a boutonnière, brooch, or any other lapel decoration on your barong as it might destroy the delicate fabric easily.